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Marketing. Agency vs In-House

Should you keep your marketing in-house? Or work with an agency?

If you’re a local business owner, you’ve probably contemplated this for longer than you care to admit.

I get it – marketing is a big investment. And for a damn good reason, too.

Not having a solid marketing or lead generation strategy can mean having a mediocre year and losing market share to your competition.

Meanwhile, implementing an effective marketing and lead generation campaign can be the ticket to doubling your business and dominating your market.

So what’s the better move? Working with a marketing agency or doing it in-house?

Let me give you a little scenario… 

Let’s say you’re in the kitchen at your house – you just got done having your favorite dinner.

Maybe a nice steak with some roasted garlic and brussel sprouts… Delicious.

You and your spouse (or maybe you and your dog) are cleaning up the kitchen and talking about watching the next episode of the show you’re currently into.

You’re standing over the sink doing dishes and you feel some moisture on your foot…

You’ve got a leak.

So what do you do?

You’ve got a couple of options here…

You can A) say screw it and just sit down to watch the next episode of your show because the last episode you watched had you drooling in suspense.

You can B) get your toolbox out, “type how to fix a sink leak” into YouTube and give it your best shot.

Or, you can C) Google “plumber near me” and make a phone call to get the problem taken care of.

Which option makes the most sense?

Probably not option A.

I don’t consider myself a genius by any means, but I’m pretty damn confident that ignoring the problem isn’t going to serve you very well.

Now, option B might make sense.

If you’ve dealt with this issue before and you’re confident you can fix it, then, by all means, give it a shot.

You’ll have to give up your evening of quality time with your significant other and put your show on hold, but that’s certainly better than option A.

But if you’re not much of a handyman and the water is starting to pool up on the kitchen floor, then you’ll probably want to go with option C and pay the plumber to take care of it for you.

Now, assuming you’re smart enough to take option A off the table and actually do something about the problem, it really boils down to this…

You either need to invest your time or your money.

That is, you either need to invest the time into learning and (hopefully) becoming competent enough to fix the leak yourself, or you need to invest the money into paying an expert to fix the problem.

This is exactly what it’s like with your marketing.

You can certainly try to do it yourself, but even if you spend hours and hours learning about marketing and lead generation, you’re still not going to do it as well as an actual marketing agency that specializes in generating leads.

Think about it – we evolved as a human race by specializing in specific jobs.

Way back when in paleolithic times, men did the hunting while women did the gathering, cooking, and raised the children.

(I’m not sexist, that’s just how it went down. Don’t be mad at me, be mad at history)

And when we became more civilized and began farming, some people were farmers, some were breadmakers, some were blacksmiths…

The point being – we’ve always been a species that advances through the division of labor and job specialization.

That’s why you have an accountant do your taxes, a plumber fix your leaks, and a marketer generate your leads.

The jack of all trades is master of none. 

There’s no way someone could be a good farmer, breadmaker, and blacksmith all at the same time.

They’d end up giving most of their attention to one thing, while the others suffered.

And like I mentioned before, the consequences of not marketing your business effectively are huge.

Consider this: you decide to try and do your marketing and lead generation yourself

On the other hand, your competitor decides to hire a professional marketing agency to do it for them.

Who do you think is going to get better results?

By doing that. you’re leaving your competition with the opportunity to sweep your legs out from underneath you.

So instead of wasting time fumbling around and trying to learn marketing and lead generation, use that time to focus on your craft, what you’re best at.

You can always make more money but you can’t make more time.

Time is our most precious resource, it’s something we can never get back.

On the other hand, you can always make more money.

(and you certainly will if you’re marketing your business effectively and generating leads)

So why spend time trying to do your marketing yourself when you could have professionals do it for you?

If you hire a good marketing agency, they’re going to do it much better than you could anyways.

Just like a plumber is going to fix your leaky sink better than you could if you did it yourself.

The plumber is going to have better tools than you, more experience fixing sinks, more knowledge from that experience, and he’s going to get it done faster.

Successful people don’t try to do everything themselves.

They leverage the knowledge and experience of other experts so they can stay in their lane of focus on what they themselves are experts at.

I hope you got some value out of this because I know people have an inclination to want to do everything themselves and not “waste money” on having others do things for them, like marketing.

But in reality, people are doing themselves a disservice with this mentality and it leads to not using their resources effectively.

Your time is more valuable than your money – don’t forget that.